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Nokia N9 pictures leaked, could be running MeeGo

The release of the N8 is already making Nokia fans pant with excitement, but pictures have been released of the N9, and it might be running a game-changing OS -- MeeGo.

We still have some time to sit, drumming our fingers, before the N8 arrives in the UK, but we may have already had a glimpse of Nokia's next super phone -- the N9.

Pictures were leaked from the Chinese website Baidu and picked up by Engadget which showed what looks like a prototype of the new Qwerty-keyboard sliding N9.

The device looks to be Nokia's flagship model once the N8 has had its time, with a suggested release date of December.

It's not entirely clear what OS the prototype is running on, but it could be Symbian 3, Symbian 4 or most likely, the fruits of Nokia's partnership with Intel -- MeeGo.

It has the look of a mini-MacBook with its keyboard and brushed aluminium casing, which is no bad thing style-wise.

The N9 would be part of a new wave of smart phones designed to take Nokia back to the top of the tree after a period of  Android phones and Apple's iPhone dominating the high-end market.

Nokia is still fixed on using Symbian, which is due a refresh with Symbian 3 making its debut on the N8. But if the N9 is running MeeGo, that is a potentially significant move. The open-source OS was revealed at this year's Mobile World Congress, the result of a partnership between Nokia and Intel. It's designed for both phones and netbooks.

We had a glimpse of MeeGo in official screenshots and video, and felt it could be what Nokia uses to compete with the other Linux-based OS in Android on its smarter smart phones.

The N9 could well be the first. Are you excited about the potential of this device, and could Nokia be finally scrapping Symbian for its high-end phones? Let us know what you think.

Image credit: Baidu