Nokia N-Gage enters its endgame

It's game over for N-Gage, as Nokia is killing off the N-gaming platform

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Richard Trenholm

After a long engagement, Nokia is jilting the N-Gage gaming platform, which will be closed down at the end of next year.

paidContent:UK reports that games will still be sold, and the N-Gage Arena open to users, until September 2010.

N-Gage never really took off, after launching as a gaming handset in 2003 then being relaunched as a platform last year. The platform suffered from the difficulty of developing games for all the assorted Nokia handsets. The platform has also been superceded by the recent growth in all-purpose app stores. Nokia N-Gage development facilities in Seattle and Vancouver were shut down over the Summer. Nokia will now focus on its Ovi app Store.

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