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Nokia, Monster partner up on audio accessories

At Nokia World, the two companies unveil a couple of new headphones and promise more audio accessories in the future.

Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset
You can also get the Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset in black, blue, and white if you're not fond of pink.

HTC may have Beats Audio, but now Nokia has Monster.

The companies today introduced two new audio accessories, the Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset and In-ear Nokia Purity Stereo Headset, and announced an exclusive long-term partnership to produce a range of accessories for Nokia's mobile phones.

The news was revealed at Nokia World in London, where the Finnish handset manufacturer also unveiled the Lumia 800 and 710 and the Asha family of phones.


Co-designed and co-developed by Monster, the Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset is made from scratch-resistant material and features an on-ear design. The headphones, which come in black, white, blue, and pink, ship with two cables: one specifically for Windows Phone devices, called the ControlTalk cable, and one for Nokia's other handsets. The ControlTalk cable offers dedicated buttons for talking hands-free and controlling the music player.

For those who prefer earbuds, there is the In-ear Purity Stereo Headset. The noise-isolating headphones promise "low bass, clear mids, and crisp highs" and come with five different-size earpieces. The headset's cable also offers phone and music controls.

Pricing and availability for both headsets were not announced at this time.