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Nokia Lumia 920 coming to new networks in the new year

Nokia promises the Nokia Lumia 920 will come to other phone networks in the new year, ending the exclusive deal with EE.

Looking to light up your life with a Nokia Lumia 920 -- but don't want to sign up to EE? Then you're in luck: Nokia says the 920 will come to other phone networks in the new year.

"We have been listening to what our loyal consumers want and we have been working to make the Lumia 920 available from other retailers from January onwards", says Nokia on its UK Facebook page, in answer to questions from fans.

"Keep an eye on our page for more details about the deals", adds the Finnish phone-flinger.

The Lumia 920 has until now been exclusively available on EE, the phone network formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile. That's most disappointing for phone fans who want to try Windows Phone 8 but don't want to change networks, and Nokia's Facebook fans quickly made their feelings plain: "If Nokia survives to produce another high-end phone, please don't sign exclusivity to EE," says one reader in response to the news. "They are useless."

"I will never ever sign anything with EE," spits another reader.

One of the first wave of 4G phones in the UK, EE hoarded the 920 to entice customers who fancy a bit of Lumia action onto the 4G EE network -- which is of course more expensive. The 920 can be bought just on a 3G contract from EE, but the network heavily steers you towards its 4G deals.

More Lumias are arriving in the new year too. Joining the 920 and 820 is the Lumia 620, set to be the most affordable Windows Phone 8 phone yet. Other Windows 8-powered blowers include the HTC 8X and 8S, with Samsung models on the way. 

Would you consider a new Nokia if it came to a different network? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.