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Nokia E6-00 Qwerty camera phone fires up Symbian in leaked shots

Pictures of the Nokia E6-00 in action have hit the Internet, with a user of Italian forum Nokiateca posting the first photos of the mobile phone turned on and running Symbian.

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Pictures of the Nokia E6-00 in action have hit the Internet. A user of Italian forum Nokiateca has posted the first photos and videos (since removed) of the mobile phone turned on and running Symbian.

The E6-00, which has yet to be officially announced by Nokia, packs a Qwerty keyboard and a 4:3 screen. It's a relatively meagre 480x640-pixel display unfortunately, measuring around 2.5 inches across. The phone packs HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity, but key feature is an 8-megapixel camera that shoots 720p high-definition video.

The 8-megapixel camera is an extended depth of field (EDoF) snapper, which is fixed focus. That means it doesn't have autofocus, instead keeping all the photo in focus. Your backgrounds will be as crisp as your foreground -- so no pleasing bokeh effects, and macro shots will suffer, but in theory the lack of autofocus will make the camera faster and smaller. The pictures show a dual LED flash alongside the camera.

You might think touchscreens would have killed Qwerty keyboards by now, but there's clearly life in the old buttons yet. Several other companies have shown off Qwerty candybar phones recently, including the HTC ChaCha, INQ Cloud Q and Samsung Galaxy Pro.

There's also life in Symbian, depite Nokia's recent commitment to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system. The Nokia N8 is getting a Symbian update with tweaked homescreen and widgets, and the E6-00 appears to use its own version of the OS optimised for the 4:3 screen.

Photos credit: Nokiateca