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Nokia CEO: We're sticking with Windows Phone

The handset maker has no plans to move away from its Windows Phone platform, Stephen Elop vows. Keep an eye out for the imminent arrival of new smartphones.

Roger Cheng/CNET

Nokia is sticking with Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, the mobile phone maker's chief executive, Stephen Elop, has said, with a new smartphone expected soon.

"In today's war... [between] Android, Apple and Windows, we are very clear, we are fighting that with the Windows phone," Elop said, according to Reuters.

Elop also said that Nokia will launch its next Windows Phone 8 devices soon. A debut is expected at or around Nokia World 2012 in September, which is expected to be a scaled-down event compared with previous years.

Although Elop has reiterated Nokia's commitment to Windows Phone, the chairman of the Finland-based phone maker, Risto Siilasmaa, had said earlier this year that Nokia has a "contingency plan" should Windows Phone 8 "fail to live up to expectations."

A Nokia spokesperson said Siilasmaa's comments were that any company would exercise good corporate governance by considering different contingencies, but his comments were in respect to the wider Nokia business.

"Our smartphone future is in Windows Phone," the spokesperson added.

Nokia continues to battle for relevancy in the ongoing mobile wars. Earlier this year it slipped to third place behind Samsung and Apple in smartphone unit shipments and market share figures.