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Nokia 'Catwalk' phone aims to top Lumia 920

Demoed at a closed-door session at MWC last week, the Catwalk phone is designed to improve on the Lumia 920, says a blogger who was there.

Nokia's Catwalk phone will offer an aluminum body.
Nokia's Catwalk phone will offer an aluminum body.
Josh Miller/CNET

Nokia's much-rumored "Catwalk" phone apparently purred its way into last week's Mobile World Congress courtesy of a special invitation-only session.

Attending the session was Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin who got a chance to peek at and play with the phone. In a blog out today, Murtazin said that Nokia is gearing up the Catwalk as an enhancement over the Lumia 920.

Catwalk will be housed in a slimmer, all-aluminum body and offer a thinner version of the 920's PureView Phase 2 camera, according to a translation of Murtazin's comments by Electronista.

Prior reports about Catwalk said it would improve on the typical Lumia's polycarbonate body with the aluminum design. Otherwise, the hardware spec would mostly match those of the 920.

Murtazin and reportedly other attendees of the session did have one gripe against Catwalk. It's not an Android device.

Like the Lumia lineup, the Catwalk handset will run Windows Phone, which Murtazin thinks spoils everything.

"Oh, Windows Phone, why are you not Android," Murtazin claimed was a common refrain by reporters and bloggers at the session.

The criticisms from the attendees make little sense since Nokia doesn't make Android phones. Despite recent suggestions that the company might be open to Android, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has remained firm in his commitment to Windows Phone.

Windows Phone still faces an uphill battle trying to eke out some market share. But Nokia doesn't show any outward signs of abandoning Microsoft's mobile OS at this point.