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Nokia and HTC dual-SIM Windows Phones rumoured

Nokia and HTC could make life easier for adulterers, bigamists and superheroes with rumoured dual-SIM Lumia phones.

Nokia and HTC could be about to make life easier for adulterers, bigamists and superheroes with dual-SIM smart phones. Both companies are rumoured to be working on Windows Phone devices that include not one but two SIM cards.

Chinese site WPDang claims that Nokia and HTC are set to make Windows Phone devices that use two SIM cards so you can switch between them easily.

Dual-SIM phones have never taken off in this country, but are more popular in other markets like China and India. With a dual-SIM phone you can keep two SIM cards in the phone at the same time and choose which number to use for each call or text message, without turning the phone off.

Handy if you're overseas and want a local number and local rates without cutting off your home number for the duration of your trip, or if you want to keep work on personal numbers separate. Or if you're living a bigamous, adulterous or crimefighting double life.

"Dual SIMs have never really taken off in the UK for several reasons," says industry expert Jonathan Leggett at uSwitch. "Firstly, networks never really got behind them, so many consumers don’t really know they exist. That may be because networks would stand to lose out financially if pay as you go customers have handsets that make it easier to avoid higher-priced, cross-network calls.

"Secondly, for those with pay monthly deals, it could simply be that the effort of switching SIMs isn’t worth it. As data has become king, more and more of the inclusive minutes offered are now able to call any network, at any time.

"Finally, the increase in chat-apps such as WhatsApp and the abundance of unlimited text deals means fewer people are talking on their mobiles. Both of these factors negate the need to switch between networks when getting in touch with friends or family."

Nokia has experience of building dual-SIM phones with cheaper devices like the Nokia 108, but so far Lumia phones running Windows Phone software have only offered one.

The Finnish phone-flinger is poised to reveal its next wave of Windows Phone devices in just over a week at an international launch event. Possible new Nokias include the rumoured Lumia 1320 codenamed 'Batman', or maybe even a Nokia smart watch to challenge the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Whatever Nokia unveils, it could be overshadowed by Apple, which is rumoured to be holding an event on the same day to reveal the new iPad. Oh Apple, you cheeky, petty scamp.

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