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Nokia's 8110 banana phone set to go on sale first in Asia

Customers in Singapore and Vietnam will be able to get their hands on the rebooted Matrix phone later this month.


Ring ring ring ring, banana phone.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

It's time to dive back into the world of The Matrix, as the awesome-looking phone from the movie is making a comeback.

The new Nokia 8110, announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, will share much of the original phone's design, but will now come packing 4G LTE and apps like Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter.

The banana phone is set to go on sale first in Singapore and Vietnam at the end of May for a mere S$109 (or about $80, £60 and AU$107 converted), and will also debut soon in other markets globally. 

Besides the famed Nokia durability, the 8110 will also sport up to 20 days of battery life and eight hours of calls.