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Nokia 6215 classic is down with NFC, yeah you know me

Feeling touchy? The Nokia 6215 classic supports NFC applications on the SIM card, so using your phone for touchless Tube tickets or debit purchases could be getting closer

Touching stuff is so yesterday -- thanks to gadgets such as the Oyster card, we're all about waving our hands in the air, quite near sensors, like we just don't care.

Nokia is backing us up in our bid to wave at more stuff with the release of the 6216 classic, a candybar phone with built-in near-field communications (NFC) technology. It's not the first handset to have NFC -- the London Underground trialled an Oyster-on-a-phone system using a Nokia 6131 in 2007.

But the 6210 classic innovates by letting the NFC applications live on the SIM card, so users can switch NFC-enabled handsets without losing their bank card, Oyster, and whatever else exists in this hypothetical NFC-mad future.

The Underground trial never led to a full-blown roll-out, but apparently NFC is big in Malaysia. Besides touchless payments and suchlike, you could also use NFC to share photos and music with that one other person who has an NFC-enabled phone.

The 6216 classic will sport 3G, a 2-megapixel camera, support for up to an 8GB microSD memory card, a screen and, er, some buttons.

Look out for the Nokia 6216 classic to hit the shelves in late summer for €150 (£135).