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Noel Gallagher: "iPhones are for cockneys and ****s"

The former Oasis member went on a rant at the recent Q Awards, and iPhone owners were top of his hit list.

Noel Gallagher may have put his Oasis days behind him, but it seems he's still missing the 90s in one way.

He's not a fan of the iPhone, instead preferring a simpler handset that would've been popular in Oasis' heyday. "I just want a basic 1994 Nokia mobile," Gallagher told the Mirror at the recent Q Awards. "I can keep it in my back pocket and just do the basics with it -- phone and text. What would I need a camera on it for?" And he had some choice words for iPhone owners.

"iPhones are for cockneys and ****s," he continued. "And they are far too big." (We're guessing he's talking about iPhones there, not cockneys or ****s.)

It's a strange accusation to level at iPhone owners, not one we've heard before. Maybe he assumes all cockneys are rich. Or maybe he was making some reference to voice-controlled Siri on the iPhone 4S.

Gallagher is now fronting Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, though based on his Q Awards antics, maybe the band should be renamed Noel Gallagher's Angry Birds. Or maybe not.

He said he wouldn't be averse to collaborating with Coldplay, the band who snubbed Spotify because its album needs to be listened to as a whole rather than as individual tracks. He also listed U2 as possible collaborators, or "anyone who sells 50 million records."

Though he admitted he's never been asked to do a collaboration, saying, "I guess I just don't give off that come-and-get-me vibe."

Is he right about iPhone owners? If so, who's Android for? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Image credit: The Guardian