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No U.S. launch date yet for Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1

U.S. Android tablet lovers looking to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and its S-Pen stylus will have to wait.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Although Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet with its larger stylus and screen at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year, don't hold your breath for a U.S. announcement anytime soon.

As for the Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung told a group of journalists today in San Francisco not to settle on the specs for the tablet we saw in Barcelona in February. The electronics giant wanted to show off something new and interesting at MWC, said a representative, but warned that there's still some time before the product will ship, and therefore time for Samsung to make some changes under the hood.

Samsung also shared that its Galaxy strategy is not a "one size fits all" approach, which explains Samsung's tendency to bring forth tablets and phones large and small, like the huge Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone with its 5.3-inch display, and the larger form factor of the 10.1-inch Note tablet.

In the meantime, Samsung is selling its Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab 2 tablets -- in 7 inches and 10.1 inches -- in a variety of stores in the coming weeks, including Costco, Best Buy, and Amazon.