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Nike+ GPS app for iPhone: Track runs without a sensor in your shoe

Nike's new app for the iPhone and iPod touch lets you track your runs via the wonder of GPS, rather than a sensor wedged in your shoe. But is it any better than RunKeeper?

Nike has launched a new iPhone and iPod touch app that will let you keep track of your runs via the wonder of GPS, rather than a sensor wedged in your shoe.

Runners can download the Nike+ GPS app from iTunes for £1.19. It runs on the iPhone 4 and 3GS, and the second, third and fourth generation iPod touch. It uses GPS and an accelerometer to visually map runs, as well as track your pace, distance, time and calories burned.

You can use it on a treadmill as well, as the app records data even when the GPS isn't working. With the GPS on, you'll be able to pinpoint your location and use a challenge feature that urges you to surpass your performance on previous runs.

During each run, you can also get feedback from athletes like marathon champ and public urinator Paula Radcliffe, and Tour de France victor Lance Armstrong. Such folk will also pop up when you beat specified goals or personal bests.

You can connect with runners around the world through with the Nike+ website, and the app also offers the obligatory Facebook and Twitter sharing functionality.

The app is much cheaper and simpler than the technology Nike used before -- a sports kit that included a small accelerometer attached or embedded in a shoe. The company even had a recommended Nike+ trainer. The whole package could set you back a fair amount.

Nike is pretty late to the running-app party, though. The £5.99 RunKeeper Pro app has done very well in the past couple of years, and does virtually the same job as Nike+ GPS. You can also get RunKeeper for free if you're willing to sacrifice some functionality. RunKeeper offers an app for Android too, unlike Nike.

Let us know in the comments section which app you'd go for, or if you'd rather just sit on the sofa and eat pizzas.