Nexus 5 32GB is back in black, but you'll be waiting 4 weeks

The black Nexus 5 with 32GB of storage is back on sale, but you could be waiting a month for it to arrive.

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Nick Hide
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Good news if you're desperate for a matte black slice of cutting-edge Android in your life -- the black Nexus 5 with 32GB of storage is back on sale. The bad news is you'll be waiting up to 5 weeks for it to arrive.

The in-demand mobile sold out two days ago, but this morning the Google Play Store will let you add up to two to your cart for £339 each, but it warns, "Leaves warehouse in 4-5 weeks."

If your storage needs are a little more modest, you can save £40 and a couple of weeks with the 16GB version, which ships in 2-3 weeks. Delivery takes 1-3 business days.

The less appealing white version, which has the same black front but a snowy back plate, is readily available and should be with you by early next week.

Other options are available, but none are as good value as buying direct from Google. O2 is the only network to offer the 32GB version on a contract, starting from free on a £32 per month total contract (£12 for Airtime service and £20 for the phone).

Carphone, meanwhile, will flog you a 16GB model for free on a £21 per month Vodafone deal, but it only gives you 250MB of data -- not nearly enough for this 4G powerhouse.

It seems the Nexus 5 is as big a hit as its predecessor the Nexus 4, which didn't offer 4G but was significantly cheaper at launch. Last year's Android flagship was plagued by stock shortages right up to Christmas, after Google and its maker, LG, underestimated demand by a factor of 10.

"We don't comment on sales figures," a Google spokesperson told me earlier this week in a statement.

Andy enjoyed his time with the Nexus 5, especially its gaming power and buttery smooth interface -- you can read his full Nexus 5 review here. The main downer was the camera, which is distinctly mediocre for an otherwise top-notch phone.

Are you hammering refresh on the Google Play Store? Are you dismayed by having to wait a month for the new phone? Let me know what you think in the comments below, or over on our fully stocked Facebook page.

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