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Nextbit shows a sneak peek of its next Robin phone, and it's going to be red

All signs point to a red Robin, like the fact that one was spied during an official Facebook Live video, plus a pretty revealing tweet.


Oooh, Nextbit, you're so sneaky, but we see that red version of the Robin phone on the desk as part of the company's Facebook Live video meant to introduce a different product entirely (I'll get to that in a minute.)

We caught our first glimpse of the red Robin about 2 minutes into the webcast, and while Nextbit isn't saying anything official about the vibrant new color, the company is painting a pretty clear picture about its intentions, both with this video sneak peek and with a tweet that actually involves paint.

Specifically, the photo (above) shows a blob of red paint falling out on a black Robin, accompanied by a paintbrush draped over a corner that's also coated in thick, red pigment. What a tease. (The company remains tight-lipped on this.)

The real purpose of the video is actually important to Robin owners and interested buyers. The company previewed a website that lets you view and share photos that were taken on the Robin phone. Storing photos and apps in the cloud is one of Robin's signature features; this addition gives users access to some of that media that they didn't have before. Read CNET's initial Nextbit Robin review here.