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Next time you pick a movie, ask Google for help

Not interested in a movie? Give it a thumbs down.

Rate movies on Google so you only see movies you like.
Screenshot by Katie Conner/CNET

Is scrolling through Netflix or Hulu for 20 minutes part of your nightly routine? It's either "nothing looks good" or "I'm not watching a three-hour-long movie at this time of night." Usually, you just end up choosing something random to watch and then play on your phone to keep you occupied. To help you out of this nightly predicament, Google has a new tool for mobile devices that can help you find something to watch. Now you can finally stop scrolling past the same movie for the hundredth time.

You can also tell Google if you've already watched a movie and what you thought about it by giving it a thumbs up or thumbs down. Your guidance will help Google personalize movies and shows it shows you. And once you figure out what you want to watch, Google will let you know where you can watch it.

Here's how to find personalized shows or movies using Google.

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You'll start seeing shows and movies personalized to you once you rate them.

Screenshot by Katie Conner/CNET

1. On your phone, do a Google search for something like "what to watch" or "good shows to watch."

2. Scroll down a bit to the "Top picks for you" section and tap Start to begin rating movies and shows. You'll either give them a thumbs down or thumbs up, or you can select Skip

3. When you're finished rating, tap the button that says Providers and select the providers you're subscribed to. The options are Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and HBO Now, Prime Video, Showtime and Anytime, CBS All Access and Starz. If you don't have a cord-cutter service, you can also select I have cable or satellite.

If neither apply to you, skip this step and tap the orange circle that says Free.

4. Tap Save.

5. Next, decide if you want to watch a show or movie.

6. Pick a category, like comedy, family-friendly, rom-com, action or documentary.

7. Once you've selected the category, you'll see a list of movies to choose from. Pick a movie.

8. Tap All watch options to see which providers have the movie or show available.

9. You can either tap Watch now if you're watching on your phone, or you can open the app from the provider on your TV and search for the movie you've decided to watch. 

Let us know if you've found something to watch using this new Google feature and find out how you can find a picture in Google Photos by searching for text.