New WhatsApp Integration Makes the Chat App Better for Work Plans

Any.do's WhatsApp for Teams shows a way of expanding the chat app to help collaboration and task discussion.

Mike Sorrentino Senior Editor
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Mike Sorrentino

WhatsApp has already been building official support for large group chats and communities, and a new integration from task manager Any.do is taking that idea further by building team task management and discussion into the chat app.

The WhatsApp for Teams integration, announced Tuesday by Any.do, adds a chatbot into the desktop version of WhatsApp that allows for quick task creation, task assignment and reminders and for conversations within shared tasks.

Any.do founder Omer Perchik said that support for the mobile phone version of WhatsApp is in the works, with the desktop version at launch supporting WhatsApp on Windows and Mac and on the web.

The new feature expands on an already existing Any.do integration focused on personal task lists, and notifications can be adjusted to only alert within WhatsApp or the Any.do software.

An integration like this within WhatsApp provides a point of familiarity for people who already text on a regular basis with the app. It also expands the use of WhatsApp toward being a potentially essential workplace tool alongside being an app for personal chats. 

The productivity-focused feature from Any.do comes after WhatsApp has been adding official methods to make the chat app easier to use for quick collaboration and sharing. Last year WhatsApp added the ability to message yourself, which can be used alongside the service's multidevice support to quickly share a link or note between your phone and computer.