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New stock hints at strategy for Excite@Home

The Net-over-cable firm plans to issue a tracking stock, a move that should clear up some strategic questions surrounding Excite@Home.


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Looking to give more autonomy to its media arm, Excite@Home plans to issue a tracking stock for the unit. Some analysts say the move should clear up some strategic questions surrounding the Net-over-cable firm.

"It can't hurt the situation and it really can't hurt the shareholders."

- Cahners In-Stat Group analyst Mike Paxton


Moves may boost Excite@Home stock
Following plans to issue a tracking stock for the firm's content and media business, analysts question whether the move will help boost the Net-over-cable company's sinking stock.

Excite@Home creates tracking stock
update Excite@Home says its board of directors approves plans for a tracking stock for its media assets, hoping to settle ongoing speculation about the future of the high-speed ISP.

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AT&T confirms it is considering possible business deals involving its interest in the cable Internet company, following rumors it planned to sell part of its stake in Excite@Home.

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