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New Samsung phones (photos)

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Samsung is one of the most prolific handsetmakers out there, with almost a new phone every month. In this gallery of new Samsung phones, we take a look at just a few that have come out in recent months.

The Samsung SGH-T139 is a basic flip phone for T-Mobile that doesn't offer much, but it does deliver when it comes to making phone calls. Similarly, the Samsung Stunt for MetroPCS is a relatively lightweight candy-bar phone but at least it's affordable and has simple features like Bluetooth and a speakerphone. On the higher end, the Samsung Trill is one of the better music phones we've reviewed, and it's available from regional carrier U.S. Cellular.

Perhaps the most exciting are the Samsung Sunburst and the Samsung Strive. Both phones made their debut at CTIA 2010, and are part of AT&T's latest lot of messaging phones. Even though it's mentioned as a messaging phone, however, the Sunburst doesn't have a physical keyboard--just a 3-inch touch screen. It does have an internal accelerometer and a virtual keyboard, though. The Strive, on the other hand, does have a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Both phones have megapixel cameras and offer access to AT&T's new cloud services.