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New Nokia Lumia phone to be unveiled at 14 May UK event

Nokia's sent out invites to an event next month where it promises we'll "see what's next". CNET will be there in force.

Nokia's sent out invites to a London event on 14 May and a new Lumia phone is on the cards -- "The Nokia Lumia story continues" it promises.

CNET will be there in force to bring you all the news in a live blog and hands-on reports with the new Windows Phone kit, don't you worry.

So what are we likely to see? Put on your speculation specs and your tittle-tattle trousers and off we go!

Three Lumias are hotly tipped for this summer. My favourite rumour is an 'EOS' PureView super-camera phone with ridiculous resolution, maybe as many as 40 megapixels. I've been looking forward to a top-notch Lumia camera phone since the ludicrous 808 PureView last year.

Also on the cards are a huge Galaxy Note-style 'phablet' with a 5- or even 6-inch screen. And there's also the 'Catwalk', a supposed codename for a new top of the range Lumia with a skinny aluminium frame and a 4.5-inch OLED screen. These are likely to make up a promised "season" of product launches and give Nokia a wide range of high-end gadgetry.

Whatever it is Nokia unveils next month, it's bound to be much fancier than Nokia's latest announcement, the adorably bargainous Asha 210 -- the first phone ever to have a dedicated WhatsApp button. I can confidently predict all Nokia's new phones will have WhatsApp buttons from now on. It's a paradigm shift.

"We look forward seeing you in London!" Nokia signs off its invitation, in its friendly Finnish way. We look forward seeing you too, Nokia.