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New Nexus 7 plagued by GPS glitch

Many owners are complaining that the GPS signal dies after a certain number of minutes, a problem apparently confirmed by Google.

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Google's new Nexus 7 isn't playing well with GPS, according to a host of comments at several online discussion forums.

New Nexus 7 owners chiming in on Google Groups, the XDA Developers forum, and Android Central forums all describe a similar problem.

The GPS signal works for a certain amount of time, anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes, and then it simply conks out, leaving the user without a connection. The Nexus then tries to hunt for a signal without any success. Rebooting the tablet seems to restore GPS, but then the pattern repeats itself with the signal again dying out after several minutes.

Google is apparently aware of the problem and is investigating. Google Community Manager for Android Paul Wilcox posted the following message in the Google Groups thread: "Thanks for the reports everyone, we're looking into it." Wilcox followed up with at least one other post seeking more information.

One Nexus 7 owner said that Google Play support confirmed that the issue is affecting Nexus 7 owners and that the engineering team should be rolling out a patch at some point. However, that comment was posted July 30. And now on August 9, the problem still seems to be affecting a number of people who bought the new tablet.

CNET contacted Google for comment and will update the story with any further details.

(Via PhoneArena)