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New iPhone 5 glimpsed from the front in leaked photos

You've seen what the new iPhone 5 looks like from the back -- now feast your eyes on what it'll look like from the front.

You've seen what the new iPhone looks like from the back -- now feast your eyes on what Apple's next blower will look like from the front.

New leaked photos published by Chinese blog purportedly show the front section of the new iPhone casing -- and it's not much different from the old one. There on the right of the picture is the space for the single home button that's been a feature of the iPhone from day one, with the round hole on the left of the shot making space for the FaceTime video-calling camera, now moved to the centre of the face.

Chiming with previous leaks, the frame reveals the new phone is a slightly different shape to the current model. It's been stretched out so the touchscreen becomes a widescreen 16:9 display when turned sideways. Previous models have had a squarer aspect ratio, so movies have black bars at top'n'bottom. But on the new phone, fillums will fill the full space of the screen.

Although we can't tell exactly from this picture, the new screen is rumoured to measure 4 inches corner-to-corner.  

If it's real, the frame also seems to confirm there will be a white version of the new iPhone. This is the white frame -- the black thing in the picture is the inside of the purported case, which I've used it in the main picture above because it shows up better. Here's the full snap:

This is only the latest leak related to the new-look iPhone. We've previously seen leaked snaps of the rear casing, which reveals the stretched shape as well as a new, smaller dock connector. That new connector will save space inside the phone, which could be taken up by a bigger battery or more powerful components -- but it does mean your current dock and cables will be obsolete.

Whether it's called the iPhone 5 or just the new iPhone -- like the latest iPad, officially dubbed the new iPad -- the next Apple phone will also feature new iOS 6 software, with new maps apps, Facebook integration and assorted other improvements.

Are you excited about the iPhone 5? Are you tempted to wait for the new iPhone or go ahead and buy a phone now? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Image credit: photobucket