New features for Apple's rumored AirPods Studio headphones get detailed in report

Head and neck detection could be included in Apple's newest headphones.

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The rumored Apple headphones, as spotted in iOS 14 code by 9to5Mac.


Apple's been rumored to be prepping over-ear AirPods headphones for some time, and now we seem to be getting a little more detail about what some of the features will be in the rumored AirPods Studio. 

The latest rumor, via 9to5Mac, details how the new headphones will have "neck detection" sensors that may function similarly to how current AirPods pause music when the headphones are taken out of an ear. A different sensor will be able to tell which is the right or left ear, automatically adjusting where to send the audio as opposed to other over-ear headphones that have markings for right or left. 

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The outlet previously spotted mockups for the headphones in beta code for iOS 14, Apple's next mobile operating system that is expected to be detailed at its annual WWDC event in June

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Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Apple's new headphones are also expected to feature active noise cancellation and a transparency mode similar to its AirPods Pro . A previous report from Bloomberg detailed two versions, one with leather ear cups and the other with a lighter, fitness-focused material. Bloomberg's report also noted that the ear pads and headband will be magnetic and customizable. 

According to a recent tweet by notable leaker Jon Prosser, Apple's new AirPods Studio will be priced at $349.