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New ATI TV tuner card recall rumors

New ATI TV tuner card recall rumors

Last week we told you about two new TV tuner cards being introduced by ATI, including its flagship TV Wonder 650, powered by the new Theater 650 Pro chip. We eagerly tore open our review unit when it arrived, but before we could install it, ATI asked us to hold off, saying it had discovered an unspecified issue with the card we received, but that a replacement would be sent as soon as possible.

Today, we hear that the card is also being pulled from retail shelves, at least at Best Buy and possibly at other outlets. Daily Tech reports, "Retail chains such as Best Buy were the first to take the new cards off store shelves."

On the Best Buy Web site, the TV Wonder 650 was no longer listed, although the other new TV tuner card introduced by ATI last week, the TV Wonder 200, was still available. CompUSA's Web site listed the 650 as "not available."

We've left a few messages with the folks at ATI but haven't gotten any offical response, so stay tuned for further developments.