NetBlender BD Touch Turns iPhone into Blu-ray Remote Controller

NetBlender BD Touch Turns iPhone into Blu-ray Remote Controller

Ben Wilson

BD Touch is a new iPhone App that gives your iPhone or iPod Touch a means of remote controlling BD compatible Blu-ray players over Wi-Fi. This is accomplished by connecting to the BD Live network on the player. According to the NetBlender website:

"The sophisticated UI of the iPhone enables unprecedented user interaction when compared to any other handheld device. BD Touch applications can take advantage of the iPhone's geo location features, 3D sensors and QWERTY keyboard. Video, audio, text, and player commands can be transferred via the connection."

The company says that implementations of BD Touch will include:

  • Pushing digital copies of movies to an iPhone from the Blu-ray disc menu.
  • Automatically cataloguing a viewer?s Blu-ray disc collection and providing movie suggestions
  • Updating and managing a viewer?s rental queue
  • Displaying trivia and extra information about a movie in sync with the movie's playback
  • Turning existing Blu-ray discs into games that use the iPhone as the game controller
  • Viewing fan-created content in sync with the disc

The site also has information a Blu-ray disc authors and iPhone developers. The SDK allows for the creation of free or commercial Applications. You can find out more about the SDK here.