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Need a new mobile phone?

If you're bored with your phone and fancy an upgrade then you need to check out our latest feature that will not only improve your phone, it will improve your life

Finding a new mobile phone can be rather daunting. With so many devices out there, and hundreds of colours, shapes, sizes and features to choose from, you wouldn't be alone in being confused. The hardest part about choosing a new phone is that if you choose the wrong one and you're on a contract, you are stuck with it for 12 or even 18 months.

The situation isn't made better by the fact that you can't trial phones before you buy them, meaning you won't discover any significant problems until after you've got it home. You know the feeling -- you get a brand new phone, take it into the office and somebody points out that their handset syncs with their computer wirelessly, while yours needs a variety of plugs and adaptors.

Indeed, it seems like the powers that be don't always have your mobile phone interests at heart -- as long as you buy any phone they'll probably be in line for their bonus, which is not necessarily going to benefit you. Never fear -- CNET.co.uk's handy upgrading your mobile guide is here, designed to facilitate an easier, smoother and more fulfilling upgrade process. If you're due an upgrade, you should check it out, it could improve your life...

If you fancy your chances, you can also enter our new competition to win a hot new handset -- you just need to answer one easy question and you'll be in with a chance of winning an exclusive wine-coloured Samsung D900. Good luck phone junkies! -AL