Navizon for iPhone gets live location tracking

Navizon for iPhone gets live location tracking

Ben Wilson
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One-upping the Location feature offered by Google Maps in iPhone software/firmware 1.1.3, the unofficial third-party application Navizon now includes a feature called "moving mode" that will update your location every 10 seconds, providing an even closer emulation of real GPS units. In the words of the developer "That way, you don't have to keep pressing on the 'LocateMe' button like a maniac." Navizon is a GPS-like tool that (like 1.1.3's Location feature) uses cell tower and WiFi triangulation to estimate user location.

The new release of Navizon also overlays a navigation bar on top of the Google Maps interface, allowing you to start or stop location tracking, access settings and more.

Navizon 2.0 also includes the ability to run in the background while you're performing other operations on your iPhone. When Navizon is running in the background, there will be a small icon displayed in the upper-right corner. In conjunction with the "buddy finder" feature, the background capability allows other users to track your location at all times if desired.

Another interesting new feature is "Alerts." Here's how this function works: you define a circled area on the Navizon Web site. When you or another "buddy" enters that area, an email alert can be sent to any address.

In order to install Navizon, use our instructions for adding third-party applications to the iPhone, then navigate to the Network category in Installer and select Navizon. You may need to add the following repository: http://repo.navizon.com in your Installer sources. Within Installer, tap "Sources" then "Edit" and add the aforementioned URL. A Navizon official told iPhone Atlas "If you go in All Packages, you should see 2 versions of Navizon: the new one is version 2.0.0."

See a video demonstration of the new release below:

To view the above video on your iPhone, see these instructions.

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