Myst comes to the iPhone

Myst comes to the iPhone

Ben Wilson

A small snippet of text on an online forum at Myst Online reveals a new project that will bring the classic adventure game to the iPhone. The post reads:

"iMyst: This is a small project that probably a very few of you know about. We are porting Myst to the iPhone. Ok, before some of you start groaning, this is an outside funded project that is keeping a few developers employed... but it is really more than that. It is an interesting and fun project. This is also a very small team with three of us (which includes Derek, Rand (not Randy) and myself)."

If you are an old hand at computer gaming then you will remember when Myst was first released on the Mac, September 24, 1993 then ported to a number of platforms. It was the best selling PC game of all time, eclipsed only by The Sims in 2002.