11 must-see videos from Mobile World Congress 2015

MWC 2015 churned out a slew of new devices and cutting-edge tech. Join the CNET TV team as they show you the best from Barcelona.

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Mobile World Congress 2015 was chock full of cool new gadgets and the CNET TV team was on the scene in Barcelona getting hands-on coverage of the latest and greatest tech. Samsung strutted a fresh pair of flagship phones, wearables made a fashionable appearance, and cutting-edge VR headsets blew us away. If you missed any of it, check out the top 11 CNET TV videos as ranked by number of streams and, if you can't get enough, peep more from MWC 2015.

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1. Samsung announces the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Samsung stole the show at the beginning of the week with the announcement of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. In a turn toward a more high-end look, the duo sport a sleek metal and glass construction.

Watch this: Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge conquer metal and glass

2. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a smooth operator

Samsung introduced a new variation -- the S6 Edge -- to its vast galaxy of gadgets. It's similar to the S6, but with captivating curved screen.

Watch this: Meet the dual-edge Galaxy S6 Edge

3. Samsung Pay makes its world debut

It was only a matter of time for Samsung to introduce its response to Apple Pay. Creatively called Samsung Pay, the mobile payment technology not only utilizes near-field communications (NFC), it can also use a traditional card swipe reader.

Watch this: Samsung Pay: Easy as a swipe and tap

4. HTC One M9 is a subtle reboot

One of the best things about the HTC One M9's predecessor was its design. The new model inherits the good looks and features a few upgrades.

Watch this: Hands-on with the sumptuous metal HTC One M9

5. The evolution of the Samsung Galaxy S phone

Speaking of predecessors, we take a look at how the Samsung Galaxy S phones have changed in design throughout the years.

Watch this: Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge design compared with S5, S4 and S3

6. Blackphone+ puts security in the spotlight

The Blackphone+ tablet takes security seriously. If you're a secret agent spy, you'll definitely want to pick up this slate.

Watch this: Blackphone+ is an encrypted tablet

7. Getting closer to the Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a high-end looker with the specs to back it. Get to know the new kid on the block a little better in this video.

Watch this: Dive into Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge 'edge' display

8. Samsung Galaxy S6 was an expected release with an unexpected design change

Say goodbye to the plastic builds of previous flagship Samsung phones. The Galaxy S6 ushers in a new era of premium design. Here's a look at the most important details from the big reveal.

Watch this: Everything you need to know from Samsung's S6 event

9. The future of VR is the HTC Vive

VR technology is excitingly developing and the HTC Vive is a great example. Scott Stein was happily impressed with his experience when taking it for a spin.

Watch this: We experienced the future of VR with HTC Vive

10. Pebble Time Steel surfaces

The steel model of the Pebble Time smartwatch finally popped up and it looks just as we expected. (That doesn't mean we're not happy with the result.)

Watch this: Pebble Time Steel is real, all steel, arriving in July

11. Huawei Watch is a stone cold sapphire stunner

If there was an award for best dressed, the Huawi Watch would be a finalist -- at least. Pricing and availability have yet to be announced for the stunning smartwatch, but we're expecting it to be as expensive as it looks.

Watch this: Huawei Watch a gleaming sapphire Android Wear beauty