Music On The Pre

The Pre did do the multimedia thing right

Matthew Lutker
thanks to palminfocenter for the picture palminfocenter.com
Palm did much right in the making of the Pre but none more astonishing than the multimedia feature. Not only does it offer a great look and style but it also functions smoothly and doesn't causes clashes or problems when multi-tasking. Navigation through the multimedia app is very easy with the expandable controls in the notification spot that surprisingly even tells you the song data across the face. Supported files are mp3 files, unprotected AAC, AAC+, AMR, QCELP and WAV formats. What makes this even a sweeter deal is that Palm was smart and added the 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the device so your favorite set of headphones/earbuds will fit without troubles. Now how to get your music on your Pre is the question for some, correct? Well here's your answer, when plugging in your Pre you can sync with Itunes easily. Once connected to your computer your device will give you options from which you want to choose media sync,(with Itunes open) it will than be read as an Ipod device and your good to go. As i side not this only works with music and video at this point in time not photos or anything else.
thanks to palminfocenter for the picture palminfocenter.com