MP3 goes dual-core: Teclast C150

You've got a dual-core PC, now what about a dual-core MP3 player? Just how much better will those Arctic Monkey tracks sound when they're played at twice the speed? Woohoo!

It's like that glorious summer back in '86 when every kid on the street clipped Spokey Dokeys to their BMX wheels. Only instead of Spokey Dokeys, it's dual-core processors, and instead of being clipped to BMX wheels, dual-core processors are being jammed into every electronic product going.

Dual-core processors are overkill for most desktop PC apps, so why put one in an MP3 player? Pride? Lunacy? The same obsessive quest for engineering glory that drives grown men to retrofit 300bhp engines into VW Beetles, or ride giant turtles bareback across the Vesuvius lava flow?

It looks like the dual-core C150 (pictured) from Chinese chancers Teclast could well be the most powerful MP3 player in the world. Capabable of playing MPEG-1 videos, it should juggle some seriously high resolutions before it balks. This player's so damn hot that specific information on its specification has yet to materialise. For now, you can treat yourself to the manufacturer's stock photography. Prizes if you can guess why there are two brightly coloured fleshy animals closing in on it in the background. -CS