Moxbii Metearmor is shatter-proof glass protection for your phone

Like tempered glass screen protectors, the Metearmor keeps your screen safe, but it won't shatter on impact like the plastic versions, its maker claims.

Aloysius Low Senior Editor
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Aloysius Low

It should be pretty hard to get this screen protector scratched. Aloysius Low/CNET

TAIPEI -- On a tiny stand here at the Computex trade show is Moxbii, a Taiwanese company that specialises in screen protectors. While I normally give such exhibitors a miss, the company caught my eye -- specifically, its claim that its Metearmor screen protector is as good as tempered glass, but won't shatter on impact.

Tempered glass protectors are very good at keeping your smartphone's display free of scratches, but they do have a habit of breaking to smithereens when you drop them. Moxbii's solution, however, has the same hardness while being able to avoid the smashing problems.

The trick lies in the material used -- I'm told it's Glass-PET, which I understand is a special blend of both plastic and glass fibers.

Besides being shatterproof, the Metearmor is also capable of withstanding up to 750 grams of force from a 9H pencil. That's apparently the standard for glass protectors and three times harder than the normal plastic film.

Moxbii also showed off a version with special designer prints that may appeal to those who want something a little more fanciful.

The company plans to sell each piece at $20 -- that converts roughly to £13 or AU$25 -- but it won't be on sale just yet. Moxbii has plans to do a Kickstarter campaign in the next month to get people interested.