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MoviePass is going through some issues, but I'm still sticking with it

Commentary: Even though owning a MoviePass is a roller coaster ride, and the company is having a major cash flow issues, I'm STILL too in love to abandon it now.

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The MoviePass app makes seeing new films so easy, when the rules stay the same.

Taylor Martin/CNET
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MoviePass remains the best thing I've bought this year, and even though some very disconcerting stuff is going on with their finances, I'm in too deep to abandon the service now. It's better than my AirPods, which I use every day. And it's not because I now go to more movies, it's because I spend way way less money doing it. MoviePass was the answer to the common, absurd post-college loans problem (aka Zero Disposable Income). I love going to the movies, and MoviePass lets me go whenever I darn well want. It's that simple.

For $10 a month, subscribers were told they could see any movie they wanted, once per day, every day of the week. My favorite feature was watching and rewatching any movie I wanted -- I've seen Black Panther four times on the big screen (because I can).

Watch this: How the crazy $10-a-month MoviePass deal works

But like any good thing, it came to an end... kind of. MoviePass keeps changing the game on us and it's starting 👏 to 👏 mess 👏 with 👏 me.

Now, the company is having some serious money problems. 

And these money problems have been coming for a while, we all knew that eventually they would run out of cash but why did this have to happen now? It really seems like MoviePass is going to be ripped from my cold, dead hands. Even though the company tweeted they were having some "technical issues," a SEC filing indicated that the problem was really cash flow. AKA they don't have enough money to keep the app on. AKA I can't use MoviePass this weekend. AKA find me  which is a total travesty. 

I know I sound dramatic, but give me a break, I'm 23. I spend enough time on Twitter to see everyone else annoyed that MoviePass keeps changing the game on us. You can't give me the sweet, sweet fruit of cheap movies, and not be able to back it up for the rest of my life!

So, this is more like a plea for the funding world. For my selfish reasons, please, please, please give MoviePass all the money to keep going to I can keep going to movies on the cheap for the rest of my life. And I know it's not a "sensible investment" and could be considered "not fiscally responsible" but I just wanted a few more weekend of cheap movies. 

I just wanted some more time with it. I didn't think it'd end like this. 

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P.S. MoviePass brought back unlimited movies 🎉🎉 but how long will they actually stick around? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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