Motorola won't make a Z3 Force this year -- so long, shatterproof screen?

It's a little bit sad -- but it sounds like Samsung may take up the torch.

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Sean Hollister

The Moto Z2 Force, with its shatterproof screen.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Now that the Moto Z3 -- with its ridiculously fast snap-on Verizon 5G modem -- has been revealed as Motorola's new flagship phone, you might be wondering: What about the shatterproof Moto Z3 Force?

Sadly, there is no Moto Z3 Force, the company just confirmed on Twitter, as spotted by The Verge.

For the past couple years, the Force has always been Motorola's most advanced model, and one of (if not the) only phones you can buy with a shatterproof screen. 

(We dropped the Moto Z2 Force an incredible 28 times without it shattering, including a drop off the edge of a cliff.)

Watch this: We dropped the Moto Z2 Force like it's hot

But the new Z3, and the existing Z3 Play, don't use the shatterproof plastic screen. They stuck with Corning's Gorilla Glass, which looks and feels a tad nicer (in our opinion) and is much harder to scratch.

But even if turns out that Motorola is done pursuing the idea, Samsung is pushing forward -- the company says it's got an "unbreakable" OLED phone screen that's ready to start shipping to consumers. Though we haven't caught wind of a phone that uses it yet.

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