Motorola Razr will be available in Blush Gold starting this Spring

The Razr is getting back to its fashion and style roots with a second color option.

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Patrick Holland

The new Blush Gold Razr mixes black and gold throughout the phone.


One of the most interesting phone releases in years is the Motorola Razr . It takes our nostalgia for the original 2004 Razr and injects it into one of the most thoughtful designs I've seen in a long time. The new Razr blends its folding screen with elements of the original Razr, such as its chin and external display.

However, one aspect of the original missing on the new Razr are color options. In the early 2000s the Razr was a trendsetter for fashion and style. So where's the pink version? You'll still have to wait for it. But  Motorola  did announced a second color for the new Razr on Monday: Blush Gold. This champagne color accents add a bit more pizzazz to what's already a slick-looking phone.

The Blush Gold Razr mixes black and gold. The back plastic is in gold, while the front Gorilla Glass 3 is still black. There is a gold circle accent around the camera. The fingerprint reader and chin that houses the antennas and vibration motor is also in gold.

New Orleans Saints fans will be pleased.

The Blush Gold Motorola Razr will be available later this spring. For more on the Motorola Razr, make sure to take a look at our in-depth review.

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