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Motorola Edge Plus leak shows off phone ahead of launch

The new flagship phone is set to be revealed at a virtual event on Wednesday.

Motorola Razr Foldable Flip Phone
There has been a flood of leaks about the Motorola Edge Plus leading up to the Wednesday event.
James Martin/CNET

Update, April 30: The Motorola Edge Plus is here. Read our review. Original story follows.

Motorola is set to launch its new flagship phones, expected to be the Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge Plus, during a virtual event on Wednesday. There have been plenty of leaks about Edge Plus, and now we're getting a look at what appears to be a promotional video for the phone. 

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Frequent mobile leaker Evan Blass tweeted out the video on Tuesday, just a day ahead of the phone's official launch event. The video highlights the phones' curved edge, which Motorola is calling an endless edge display, as well as a camera setup with a 108-megapixel main rear sensor. 

The Motorola Edge Plus would be the first flagship phone from the company in years (with the exception of the foldable Motorola Razr) after mostly rolling out affordable devices. It comes on the heels of Motorola's release of the budget-friendly Moto G Stylus and Moto G Power smartphones in the US.  

Check back with CNET later Wednesday for our coverage of Motorola's event.

Motorola didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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