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Motorola Droid Razr gets countdown to launch

Excitement is building around Motorola's forthcoming Droid Razr handset, and now there's a countdown to launch. Only 80-odd hours to go!

Next week will see not only the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but it seems that Motorola also has something special up its sleeve -- and to heighten the tension, it's put a live countdown on its homepage, reports Engadget.

At time of writing there are 80-odd hours to go till we see the Motorola Droid Razr unveiled, which makes it around 8pm on Tuesday night. Or will it be called the Spyder? Or the Droid HD? It's shrouded in so much secrecy that no one even knows its name.

What we do know is that it promises to be one hell of a handset, if the leaked specs are anything to go by. It'll have a 1.2GHz processor and a whopping 1GB of RAM (double the iPhone 4S's), according to a leak yesterday. That should make it considerably faster than the iPhone 4S all round. Also on board is an 8-megapixel camera that's capable of shooting 1080p footage.

Oh, and it'll be the slimmest LTE 4G handset yet. While that doesn't mean much for us Brits, as 4G is still years away for us, anything slim sounds good to us.

Motorola teased us with a head-spinning video earlier in the week, with a razor blade popping up and hinting that it'll resurrect the Razr line for this handset. That would mean it's going to be pretty special indeed, as for years the Razr was its flagship line -- and of course was also extremely slim.

A mere seven hours after the Motorola launch, at 3am UK time Wednesday morning, Google and Samsung are holding another event unveiling Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest incarnation of the Google OS. We're also hoping to see the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which promises to have a gargantuan 4.6-inch screen that's 720p HD, and should prove a more than worthy adversary for the new Droid Razr.

It's not often we find ourselves wishing away our weekends. Roll on Tuesday night!