Motorola could marry the Droid and Razr brands

New evidence suggests that Motorola is creating a slimline Droid with a familiar, and iconic, branding.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
This photo is alleged to be taken with a Motorola Droid Razr. Pocketnow

Ask any cell phone geek to name Motorola's most famous phone over the last 10 years and you're bound to hear either the Droid or Razr.

Both handsets were important in the company's history and each helped to revitalize Motorola in the ensuing years. And this week, new evidence has emerged that suggests that Moto could be combining these two iconic brands into one device.

According to EXIF data found online, the 3-megapixel image seen on the right could be from a device known as the Droid Razr. Considering how easy it is to fake EXIF data, we should consider this strictly rumor for now.

Yet, Pocketnow, which initially discovered this image, surmises that this most likely is legit and that the photo was taken at a lower resolution than it is capable of producing.

The first whispers of an ultrathin Droid first surfaced in May when Pocketnow uncovered some unannounced products being shown on a refreshed Motorola Web site. One particular model shown on the page (see below) was accompanied by the name Motorola Slimline and the caption that "Thin is Still In."

I'd love to hear your take on a proposed Droid Razr; Does this appeal to you at all? What features would you like to see in such a device?

The Motorola Slimline appears to be equal parts Droid and Razr. Pocketnow