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Motorola Cliq coming to additional US carriers

Motorola is in talks with multiple carriers in the United States to launch their Android-powered Cliq phone.

T-Mobile will the the Cliq first, but we should see it on other carriers as well.
Josh Miller

T-Mobile may have an exclusive on the new Motorola Cliq for now, but Moto CEO Sanjay Jha says his company is "in talks with all large operators in U.S." to offer its Google Android handset. This news is in addition to the Cliq's entry into the European market next year under the Dext name.

In addition to the major carriers, Jha said he is "fairly hopeful we will begin to engage with all the U.S. operators." This could open the door for some of the regional operators to offer Android devices. Cellular South said in July that it would offer an Android phone this year, but the carrier has yet to reveal additional details.

Canada will get Android phones when Rogers Wireless offers a Motorola handset in 2010. Rogers recently offered two Android phones, the HTC Dream and HTC Magic, but they have struggled to compete with the iPhone.

It remains unclear when T-Mobile will launch the phone and at what price. Boy Genious Report is claiming the Cliq will be available in October, but others are reporting that the pre-order will not begin till mid October. As for price, Engadget spotted the Cliq on T-Mobile's site being listed as free with a two year contract, but that information was later taken down.

Finally, we're still waiting to hear from the Verizon Wireless about its Android plans. The nation's largest carrier is widely expected to offer Motorola's second Android phone which is code-,named Sholes.

We were hoping to see the Sholes at the recent Mobilize event, but it failed to make an appearance. Motorola, however, has promised to unveil its second Android phone in the coming weeks, which would line up with its Motodev Summit on October 6, 2009. Hopefully, by then we'll know then the exact launch date and price of the Cliq.