Moto Madness: Z3, Z6, or Z8?

Which Motorola Z phone is the best? The Z3, Z6, or Z8?

Ronn Owens
Ronn Owens is a host for KGO Radio. When not working on his daily talk show, he is pursuing the latest in cell phones.
Ronn Owens
The Z6 has a great slide action and hand feel.
The Z6 has a great slide action and hand feel. Motorola

If you're into Moto Rizrs, as I am, you know you can buy the Z3--but you're anxiously awaiting the Z8.

But don't ignore the third in this series, the Z6. With a great feel, a solid slide, and even a separate MP3 button, this cell phone has "winner" stamped all over it.

The chrome casing is eye-catching and good-feeling (the rubberized Z3 drops a notch there) and talk time has been around five to six hours for me, with excellent reception. Browser connection is almost instantaneous. It also takes a 2GB microSD card, so you won't run out of tunes.

If you need a flaw, the camera (even at 2 megapixels) could be sharper, but aside from that, I love this phone!

That's not to say I don't crave the Z8 more--I just haven't had a chance to touch it!