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Moto G6 Play and G6 Plus listed prematurely online

Carphone Warehouse, a UK-based phone retailer, puts the phones up on its page hours before they are expected to launch in Brazil, although the pages were quickly taken down.

Zoey Chong Reporter
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Zoey Chong
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Carphone Warehouse listed two Moto G6 models on its site hours before an expected launch, although the pages have been taken down.

Screengrab by Zoey Chong/CNET

We're just hours before an expected launch of the Moto G6 series in Brazil, but folks at Carphone Warehouse can't contain their excitement any longer.

Photos and details of the Moto G6 Play and G6 Plus have appeared on the UK-based phone retailer's website, Android Police first spotted reported Wednesday. The pages had already been removed when CNET visited the site, although the models showed up with a quick search.

The Moto G6 series was expected when Motorola said last month that it will be announcing new products in April. In the same month, China's Telecommunication Equipment Certification Centre released photos that purportedly show the new phone in black, with a curved top, bottom and sides, complete with a glossy finish. 

Carphone Warehouse isn't alone in its excitement. Amazon beat it to the game, listing the Moto G6 32GB model on its Canada and US sites last week. The pages were taken down after media reported it, however. 

In its premature release, Carphone Warehouse had leaked the G6 Play's and G6 Plus' colour options and contract pricing along with specifications. 

On the G6 Plus, the page said the phone will come with a 5.9-inch display and a "unique dual smart camera system" with landmark recognition. Photos revealed a front-mounted fingerprint sensor, a front-flashing flash as well as what looked like a glass backing, according to Android Police, adding that the model will be available in blue and silver.

The G6 Play, on the other hand, will come with a 5.7-inch display and a "long-lasting battery", along with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, said Android Police, and the phone will come in blue and gold.

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