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More than 1 million uses of Web-based iPhone jailbreak to date

More than 1 million uses of Web-based iPhone jailbreak to date

In an indication of continued demand for unofficial third-party applications on iPhones, more than 1 million uses of the AppSnapp, a Web-based script that jailbreaks (allows read-write access to the filesystem) iPhones have been recorded as of this week. The jailbreak can be used on iPhones running firmware/software 1.1.1, and is also instrumental to the process for jailbreaking 1.1.2 iPhones (see our Applications page for a full guide) Nicholas "Drudge" Penree, one of the programmers crucial to AppSnapp?s development, told iPhone Atlas that more than 2,000 people donated to the project.

AppSnapp uses a security exploit related to the way the iPhone's built-in software handles TIFF images, but also patches that same flaw after the jailbreak is performed.

AppSnapp's developers recently teamed with Dot.Tunes to offer a 25 percent discount on the software for streaming music to the iPhone from Desktop-bound iTunes libraries.