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More Google Motorola 'X Phone' details emerge

A fresh new batch of rumors indicate that all major carriers will offer the Motorola smartphone this summer.

What is Google cooking up with the rumored X Phone?
Scott Webster

Google will announce the rumored Motorola X Phone at its annual Google I/O conference in May, according to the latest round of rumors.

A 600-page forum thread picked up by Droid Life spills a number of new details for the forthcoming Google and Motorola initiative.

Although the X Phone, as it's known now, may make its formal debut in mid-May at the developer conference, the handset isn't expected to arrive until July 8.

The Android smartphone will be reportedly offered on "all carriers," though it isn't clear if this simply means the big four providers, or other players as well. The Verizon model is expected to fetch $299 with a contract, but other versions could be sold unsubsidized, with prices similar to the no-contract Nexus phones.

Reportedly, the X Phone will not be considered a "Nexus" handset and will come with a few preloaded applications and games. Customers who purchase the device through Google Play will have unlocked bootloaders and can subsequently uninstall the software, if the rumors prove true. Those who buy through Verizon won't be so fortunate; unlocking the bootloader could cost a $15 monthly fee.

There's plenty of time before Google I/O kicks off on May 15, and that means we could be in for many more details on the X Phone, and even a few surprises. Conversely, it also gives us plenty of time to see conflicting rumors and reports.

Looks like we'll have to tread lightly with rumors of this long-awaited Motorola superphone.