More Bluetooth headsets from Samsung

Samsung showed off a whole slew of other Bluetooth headsets it plans to release throughout the year.

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New Bluetooth headsets from Samsung (photos)

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Along with the Modus 3500 and the HM1000, Samsung also showed us a whole slew of Bluetooth headsets that it hopes to release in the second quarter of 2010. They are the HM1600, the HM1500, the HM3200, the HM3600, and the WEP570.

The HM1600 is sort of like the bigger brother of the HM1000. It also has active pairing and multipoint technology, but it has a much sleeker styling than the HM1000. The HM1600 also has a narrower ear insert that promises better ear stability without the need for an ear hook. The HM1500, on the other hand, isn't really a headset in so much as it is a clip with a earbud hanging from it. It's a mono headset, and it's designed for those who like the convenience of a headset but don't want to wear one all the time. Both of these headsets will retail for around $49.

The HM3200 is one of Samsung's thinnest headsets at only 6.5mm thin. It has single-mic noise cancellation, plus multipoint. It will cost $59. Its sibling, the HM3600, comes in brushed aluminum and has similar features but will be $69 due to the superior finish.

Last but not least is the WEP570. It comes with a rather large car charger, and has wind noise reduction as well as the regular noise canceling and multipoint features. This one will be around $59.

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