Mission: Impossible spoof opens Apple iPhone event

Minutes before the iPhone maker's big event, Tim Cook tweeted what appeared to be a private message. But it was part of Apple's opening video.

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Ian Sherr

Tim Cook, not tweeting.

James Martin

Here's one last leak for you: Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared to have accidentally tweeted what was meant as a private message. 

But it wasn't really. The company had planned it all along, as part of the opening act for its September iPhone event, spoofing the Mission: Impossible movies.

For those wanting to read last-minute tea leaves, Cook's message said, "No. Who can get it here quickly?"


Tim Cook's tweet.

Screenshot by CNET

The tweet garnered hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes before being taken down. With Apple's event starting in mere minutes, we know why whatever it was needed to get there quickly, but inquiring minds want to know: What is "it"? 

We found out when Apple's event began with a video showing an employee rushing a top-secret briefcase to Apple's Steve Jobs Theater before the event could begin.

But of course, those of us watching Twitter were thinking something else. The run-up to Apple's event this year has been unusually leaky, with seeming product names and marketing photos leaking on the web

In the end though, Apple had some fun when the briefcase was opened and we saw what the super important thing was...

Well, you can watch for yourself.

Watch this: Apple spoofs Mission: Impossible with opening Apple event video

First published Sept. 12 at 10:06 a.m. PT.
Updated at 10:30 a.m. PT: Added more details about Apple's Mission: Impossible stunt.

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