Missing Sync for iPhone: Migrate data from Blackberry, Palm. etc.

Missing Sync for iPhone: Migrate data from Blackberry, Palm. etc.

Ben Wilson
2 min read

Slightly more than three months after announcing the software in late September, Mark/Space is now shipping its Missing Sync software in an iPhone-compatible edition (Mac-only). The most useful function the tool provides is the ability to move contacts, tasks, events and photos from Palm OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry smartphones to the iPhone. It also has the ability to archive, browse and search iPhone Call Log, SMS text messages and Notes.

Migration works by culling data from a Palm, Windows Mobile or BlackBerry device (using a different, device-specific version of Missing Sync, which can be used in trial mode for 14 days) then converting it to iPhone-compatible data, which is subsequently pushed to the iPhone.

The Call Log application allows users to look up recent calls and keep track of all iPhone calls for time tracking or billing purposes. It transfers a record of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls to the Mac where they can be searched, sorted and exported to other applications such as Excel or FileMaker.

The SMS log is pretty nifty. Though there are other tools for logging and organizing iPhone SMS calls on your desktop computer (like Micromat's free Syphone), Missing Sync offers some niceties like the ability to look up their contact information for SMS senders/recipients, reply to an SMS with an email, or create a new Address Book contact directly. (For Windows users, there's still this native iPhone application that allows on-device SMS searching and organizaiton.)

There's also a tool for moving iPhone notes to the Mac. You can choose to view them in Bare Bone's Yojimbo, Microsoft Entourage, or the included Mark/Space Notebook.

A single installer includes English, French and German language versions. Electronic download are priced at $40 from the Mark/Space Online Store, and CDs will be available for $50. The Missing Sync for iPhone requires Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.10 or later and an iPhone.

We're still waiting for the debut of a similar data migration tool for Windows. Currently, PC users are still stuck transferring data from their BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palm devices into Outlook and then to the iPhone.

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