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Miss that syncing feeling? App gives the iPhone two-way syncing

Mark/Space releases a new Mac application that gives users true two-way data synchronization between the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Mark/Space recently announced the availability of The Missing Sync for iPhone 2.0, the latest version of its data-synchronization software for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It retails for $40, but it's a free upgrade for registered users of the first release.

The Missing Sync enables iPhone and iPod Touch users to synchronize Mac-based data that neither of these can devices ordinarily synchronize with, including notes, documents, and tasks. Conversely, the software also lets you log your mobile device's text messages and call history on a Mac. A "Migration Assistant" feature even allows you to transfer contacts and other data from a different smartphone to the iPhone--a boon if you're deeply invested in another mobile platform and decide to switch to iPhone.


The biggest change in The Missing Sync's 2.0 release is "true, two-way syncing of notes, tasks, and documents" between either of Apple's handheld devices and a Mac via Wi-Fi, according to Mark/Space.

The Missing Sync for iPhone 2.0 requires you have three free iPhone/iPod Touch apps: Fliq Notes, Fliq Docs, and Fliq Tasks.