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Migo's sneak peek at smart video-, music-syncing software

Smarter music- and video-syncing and conversion software is on the menu for Migo, which specializes in taking multimedia and sensitive data to-go on portable devices.

Migo logo

Migo Software has announced a new, beefier version of its PC-to-device syncing software slated to unveil in beta form in January 2008. I got to preview the Windows app, code named SlingShot, at the CTIA Wireless conference.

The slick new interface will bring together back-end tools of smart device and format detection that will operate at every stage of the media transfer experience. It will include, for example, a smart setup wizard that helps configure your cell phone or external hard drive to play your music and video, and on-the-fly format conversion for your cell phone or external hard drive.

SlingShop screen shot
Sneak peek at project 'SlingShot' Migo Software

"SlingShot" will start by pulling content from your existing media storehouses; iTunes, MediaMonkey, and Napster, for example. It then syncs to your device, where Slingshot's mobile component takes over, making engagement as high a priority as getting the media content onto the device.

Migo Software has several syncing and secure storage products available now on CNET Download.com, including Migo Sync and Digital Vault.