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Might this be the Nexus Prime?

The first image of the long-awaited Samsung handset has arrived online, appearing to confirm multiple rumors.

Could this be the long-awaited Nexus Prime? GSMArena

With but one week to go till Samsung's October 11 event and most likely the unveiling of the Nexus Prime, it makes sense that we'd be seeing more images and details leaking onto the Internet.

Such is the case today as GSMArena has posted what appears to be the first in-the-wild image of the rumored Samsung smartphone.

According to the information listed on the handset's display, the much-anticipated "Pure Google" device will offer a 1,280x720-pixel-resolution HD display. The size of the screen has been calculated to be 4.6 inches--bigger than anything offered in the United States thus far. It's not immediately known whether the screen technology is PenTile matrix; however, the 320dpi pixel density should calm the most savage Android beast.

Looking closely at the bottom row of buttons, we can see that there are no hard keys in sight. This matches up nicely with longtime rumors that the first Ice Cream Sandwich devices would not have any physical buttons, relying on soft keys instead.

As we said, though, we're only a week away from finding out and CNET will be at the event, so be sure to check back next Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. PT for all the juicy details.