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Microsoft Zune Pass coming to UK at long last?

A sharp-eyed user has bought himself a subscription to Microsoft's US-only Zune Pass music service, and he's only gone and paid for it in good old-fashioned coin of the Realm

Microsoft's Zune Pass digital music store could be heading our way, as a plucky Brit has apparently signed up to a subscription offered in Her Majesty's English pounds.

The lucky Zunester, known only as Greg, told Liveside that he had managed to sign up for the free two-week trial subscription, although he couldn't yet access the service.

The other subscription offers are a one-month deal for £9 and a three-month deal for £27.

Zune Pass is a subscription-based download music service. The Zune media player that gives the store its name has never made it to these shores, despite long-standing promises, but music bought from the Zune store will be compatible with the Xbox 360 and forthcoming Windows Phone 7 phones.